What are the dimensions of the desk and how far up can I raise and lower it?

The desk is 61" wide and 29½" deep. This is a standing height desk and can be raised to 45" and lowered to 38".

How do I adjust the height?

The height is adjusted by a set screw on each of the four corners. You simply raise each corner to the height you want, then hand-tighten the set screw (with the included wrench) to keep it there. Being able to adjust each corner individually gives you an uncommon granularity of control to make allowances for an uneven floor, or even adjust the desk to a slight angle if that's your preference.

Why is the desk a standing height only desk?

We believe the most elegant solution to taking a break from standing is to pull up a stool. Our design keeps the desk at your perfect standing height to help you get standing and feeling better more hours every day. Ready to stand up and start feeling better? All you need to do is pop up off of your stool - no cranks, no buttons, and less mental friction between you and the lifestyle you want.

What's the best way to transition into using a standing desk?

The short answer is to stay moving and pull up a stool when you get tired. Users typically take about two weeks to transition into spending most of the day standing but everyone's a little different. Listen to your body and do what feels right. A little soreness and tiredness can be good but please don't hurt yourself.

Also keep in mind that the major benefit of using a standing desk is that it keeps you moving. Any position held rigidly for a prolonged period of time is unnatural and will get uncomfortable. Keep shifting your weight and throw in a couple of stretches here and there.

How do I figure out the best standing desk height for my body?

You should do whatever feels most comfortable for you.  The conventional wisdom says that your work surface should be at such a height that your elbows are bent a little bit more than a 90 degree angle when you're using your keyboard.

Can you point me to some of the studies and articles written about the health benefits of standing vs sitting?

With pleasure!

Ever wonder how some people can eat the same amount of food as others but not gain as much weight?  This New York Times article explains "the people who didn't gain weight were unconsciously moving around more" and sat two hours less per day than those who did.  So stand up and stay mobile!

A combined study including almost 800,000 participants showed that you can increase the level of good (HDL) cholesterol for better heart health, increase insulin sensitivity to reduce chance of type 2 diabetes and live longer just by standing more.  And that's even if you don't exercise.

A study from the University of Chester showed that standing desk users had heart rates that were an average of 10 beats faster per minute than when they were sitting. This adds up to an additional 50 calories burnt every hour you stand.

An American Cancer Society study tracked 123,216 individuals over a 13 year time period and showed tremendous benefits in longevity resulting from standing more and exercising regularly. The combination of both sitting more and being less physically active was associated with a 94% and a 48% increase in all-cause death rates in women and men, respectively, compared with those who reported sitting the least and being most active. 94% and 48% increase in mortality rate! Sadly for our sitting cohorts, not a typo.

How can I convince my workplace that standing desks are a good idea?

2011 study from the CDC found that of the employees who agreed to try standing desks for 4 weeks, 87% felt energized, 71% felt more focused, 66% felt more productive, 62% felt happier, and 33% felt less stressed.  Happy employees, happy workplace.

In a 1995 controlled field study, subjects who stood just 2 hours per day reported feeling more energetic and alert by the end of the workday.

A year long field study conducted at UPS showed that employees who switched between sitting and standing at their desk felt 62% more body comfort and the incidence of injuries and illness was reduced by half.

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