You should be standing.

NINE Ways Erector Desk is Great

  • It’s sexy. This is not your typical piece of ergonomic furniture. Corporate stodgy? No. Industrial chic? Yes.

  • This is a desk you can spread out on. At 5 feet long, you fan out papers and notebooks with room to spare for a monitor and keyboard.

  • How can you go wrong with solid wood and steel? Most other desks are sawdust, formaldehyde, and veneer glued together. Our desk is made with a solid beech wood top and an overbuilt sturdy steel frame.

  • Each desk is handmade in Portland, Oregon and carefully reviewed for quality and craftsmanship.

  • We’re here for you. Call us anytime and get help.

  • Assembly is so easy. Just hand tighten a few fittings and you’re done.

  • It’s versatile. It can easily be approached from all sides to double as a conference table. Standing is an excellent way to keep meetings efficient and have everyone feeling engaged and energized.

  • Uneven floor? No problem. You can adjust the height at each corner. And its adjustment range is huge so you can get the work surface to your perfect height.

  • This desk is sturdy and designed to stay that way even after repeated moves. Assemble and disassemble it over and over and you’ve still got a solid piece of furniture.



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